【Eriko's Gallery Vol.80Live at<Tokyo Main Dinning>2008/4/15

塚山エリコ Piano Trio:+ONE

Piano:塚山エリコ / Bass:國分航一 / Drums:八木秀樹 / Guest Vocal:岩崎"TAKU"たく
Photo By:Hiromi Suzuki:Very Thanks!
<Set List>
★Piano Trio's Tune
・All The Things You are
・The Good Life
・My One and Only Love
・'Round Midnight
・Day Of Wine and Roses
・Now's The Time

★Taku's Tune
・Fly me To The Moon
・It's Only A Papermoon
・The Nearness Of You
・Eliie My Love
・Everything Happens To Me
・Root 66
・Autum Leaves
・Happy Birthday To You
(For the guest on the birthday tonight)