【Eriko's Gallery Vol.79Live at<Tokyo Main Dinning>2008/2/19
Piano:塚山エリコ / Vocal:原野カズヨシ / Bass:國分航一
Photo By:Mr.Morioka:Very Thanks!
【Set List】 (Inst.Duo/Mr.Kuniwake※)/  with(Vocal/Mr.Harano★)
・My One & Only Love(Inst.)※
・That Old Feeling★
・Moonlight In Vermont ★
・Moon River★
・All The Things You Are (Inst.)※
・Misty (Inst.)※
・When Sunny gets Blue (Inst.)※
・Our Love Here To Stay★
・My Funny Valentine★
・I Could Write A Book★
・酒とバラの日々 (Inst.)※
< 3rd.>
・The Good Life (Inst.)※
・Fly Me To The Moon★
・There Will Never Be Another you★
・You Don't Know What Love Is (Inst.)※
・My Way★
End Theme Now's The Time※